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DC League Finals (SUMMER/FALL 2019)

Oct 19th 2019 - Lyman's Tavern



11:00am - Doors Open

11:30am - A Division Check-in

12:00pm - A Division Finals Begin

12:30pm - B Division Check-in

1:00pm - B Division Finals Begin

1:30pm - C Division Check-in

2:00pm - C Division Finals Begin



The IFPA requires that participants must play in at least 50% of all qualifying activity to be eligible for playoffs, and final league standings. For this reason, only league participants that have played in 4 or more weeks will be eligible for the playoffs and the final standings.



Players will be placed in divisions and seeded within those divisions, based on their regular season standings. The below divisional breakdown is for reference only as attendance cannot be predicted prior to the finals.

A Division – Top 16 in the Final Standings Qualify (#1-#16ish)

B Division – The next 16 in the standings Qualify (#17-#32ish)

C Division – All remaining players (#32-#45ish)

Finals Play for A & B Divisions

16 finalists for each division will be seeded and placed in groups of four based on the final regular season standings.

Finalists will play a round of four games using Pinburgh style scoring (3/2/1/0). The two players with the highest point total in each group will advance to the next round. This process will repeat for the second round and the final round.

At the conclusion of each round, all points earned during that round will be added to the regular season point totals.

The A Division finalist with the highest combined total points will be the League Champion. 

The B Finalist with the highest combined point total will be the B Division Champion.

Please Note: The winners of the A & B Division tournaments may not win the League Championship or win the B Division Championship.  


Game Selection

Each player will select one game. The highest seed will have the first option to select game or defer game selection for play order. If the higher seed selects the game, they move to the back of the line in selecting play order until lower seeds select their games. The lowest seed with a game selection option must select a game if all higher seeds have deferred for play order. All players must select one game during a round. If the highest seed defers the first three games in a round, they must select the fourth game.

Finals Play for C Division

Due to the unpredictable nature of finals day attendance, C Division finals format will be decided based on the number of C divisional qualifiers attend. The most likely formats will be either 2x, or round robin.

Final Standings Restrictions

Players can only finish within the division they qualify for in the final standings. The only exception to this is if a player moves up a division on finals day. Any participant that moves up in a division on the day of the finals will can finish in the higher division if their final league point total surpasses any higher divisional participant. 

Regular Season Tiebreakers

In the case of a tie in the regular season, the tie will be broken by who had the most 16-point weeks, if a tie is not broken then the tie breaker will go in favor of the person with the most 15-point weeks. This will continue until the tie is broken. If the tie is not broken after all weeks have been exhausted, the tie will be broken by a coin flip.

Finals Day Tiebreakers

There will be a one game playoff on the machine of the highest seed’s choosing, with the winner(s) moving on to the next round. Only ties for advancement to the next round will qualify for a tiebreak game. Tiebreaker match-ups are not included in final league scoring.


League Championship Tiebreak

If there is a two-way tie for League Championship in the Final Standings, there will be a best of 3 playoff between the tied players to determine the League Champion. The higher seed will have choice of game or order on games 1 and 3 (if necessary), the lower seed will have choice of game or order for game 2. If more than two players are tied for the League Championship, a 3 game match play round will be played, with a 4th game playoff option. 

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