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Played exclusively at Lyman's Tavern, the DC Pinball League is the only pinball league in the District.

DC Pinball League returns January 23, 2020. 


Entry fee: $5


The league season is 8 weeks long followed by a one day finals to determine the League Champion. Participants will compete in one session a week of their choosing (Thursday night, Sunday night, or Monday afternoon), and a player's two lowest scoring weeks will be dropped from the season standings. 

At each session players will compete against each other on 4 games in groups of 3 or 4 players. Points awarded based on the finishing order of each game. Scores are 4/3/2/1 for 4 player groups and 4/2.5/1 for 3 player groups. 

The DC Pinball League is the only pinball league in Washington, D.C. played at Lyman's Tavern.

League comprises an 8 week season with no finals.  Groups of 3 or 4 players will compete against each other on 4 games.  Points awarded are 4/3/2/1 for 4 player groups and 4/2.5/1 for 3 player groups.  Players get to drop their 2 lowest weekly scores.

Entry fee is now only $5 and with $1 / person towards IFPA dues and the remaining going towards prizes to be awarded during League Finals. 

Summer season will start on Thursday August 8th.  Season finals are back, and will be played on October 19th.



Week definition:
Thursday through Monday

Thursday Nights: 8:30pm

Sunday Nights: 7:30pm

Monday Afternoon: 2:00pm

Week 1:

January 23, 2020

League Director - Joana

Thursday Organizer - Mollie

Monday Organizer - Fil


Season Fee: $5 per player


Play in groups of 3 or 4 players. 

Play 4 games.

Order and Game Choice
1st game: First player has choice of game, players play in order on score sheet
2nd - 4th game:  Last place player on previous game has choice of game or order, followed by third place, second place and then first place player from previous game

4 player groups: 1st - 4pts, 2nd - 3pts, 3rd - 2pts, 4th - 1pt
3 player groups: 1st - 4pts, 2nd - 2.5pts, 3rd - 1pt
2 player groups: 1st - 4pts, 2nd - 2pts

Regular Season
Lowest weekly score is dropped.  Final standings is based on how many points earned from 6 out of 8 sessions.  Tie breakers will be based on total # of 16 point sessions, then 15 point sessions, etc.

Championship Playoffs

PAPA Style Playoff, where the points earned during finals are added to the regular seasons totals to determine the league champion. 

World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) Points
All qualifying participants will receive WPPR points based on their performance during league

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